Axel García Gimenez


CO Founder of Tekne

Axel García Gimenez, CTO & CO Founder of Tekne, working in a cowork

I’m Axel, co-founder of Tekne. Systems Engineer. 

From a very young age, I knew that I was going to work in systems. Little by little and in a self-taught way I was studying programming and getting into databases.

When I graduated as an electromechanical technician, I began to work at the Ministry of Education, where we met with Rigoberto Malca La Rosa, contributing and growing with a team very committed to doing their best to carry out projects that improved the quality of information used by more than 65 thousand argentine schools.

Today I am undertaking, contributing from another point, but very focused on continuing to enhance the quality of information with which companies work and make decisions. 

As Tekne’s CTO, I am in charge of surveying and carrying out data projects, proposing and implementing modern and scalable architectures so that our clients do not waste productive time generating reports. Our solutions allow you to consult information instantly, saving the costs of producing manual reports and processing repetitive tasks. 

In this way, we help those who choose us to empower themselves and generate value with their data.

"We help those who choose us to empower themselves
and we add value from technology and data management"


Data Engineering

Data Architecture

Big Data Cloud

Team work


Strong work ethics


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