We are Tekne

An Argentinian based Tech Company that was born with the objective of helping organizations to maximize their development, guiding them towards digital transformation and the incorporation of innovative technologies focusing on data management.

Tekne's Spaceship

our Data Engineering service


Data Integration

We gather your data from different sources with the aim of obtaining a unified and more valuable view of it. In this way, your company will be able to take faster and better decisions.

Implementación ETL e ingestas

Architecture design and implementation

We create Big Data/BI models, policies, rules and standards that indicate the way in which the available data should be stored, organized and integrated in order for it to be useful and trusted for solving complex business problems. 

Modelado de datos

Data analysis

We create environments for advanced data analytics and data transformation pipelines. We then select the most relevant information according to the objectives, generate metrics, and display the results through visualization tools.

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