Success Case by Tekne

Snowflake Cloud Database

Data / Tech Industry

Business Problem

There is a need to implement a centralized repository that allows queries, pipelines and BI processes to quickly obtain information and generate reports and visualizations, to meet business needs. 

The repository that was used and given the large volume of data that was handled simultaneously, had the following drawbacks:

Objective of the Project

Migrate the repository to a centralized platform, which solves the current problems of capacity, delays and failures. 

That allows to unify, analyze and share information between the users of the organization, in a faster, more efficient and safer way. 

Looking for the best cost / benefit alternative that allows adapting the processing resources according to the client’s needs. 




Old traditional server


Querys ETL – parsing – DB loads


Development and report generation


Azure Infrastructure – Snowflake


Querys ETL – parsing – DB loads


Development and report generation

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