We are Tekne

An Argentinian based Tech Company that was born with the objective of helping organizations to maximize their development, guiding them towards digital transformation and the incorporation of innovative technologies focusing on data management.

Empowering your processes is our objective. With Tekne you will be able to generate value from your data.​

Our Services

Data Engineering Service

Data Engineering

This involves a group of operations that provide the ability to create interfaces and mechanisms for information flow and access, in which a professional designs, develops and maintains systems that process great amounts of data.

Some of the things it allows:

Data Science Service

Data Science

This service aims to create and apply Machine Learning algorithms on your data in order to create applications and solutions that allow your company to create exponential value under a three-pronged approach: fast, integrable and scalable.

Some of the things it allows:

Data Visualization Service

Data Visualization

This service involves the implementation of dashboards for decision making. This allows you to analyze how your organization is situated today and creates the framework for developing projections and trends.

Some of the things it allows:

Data Automation Service

Data Automation

The goal of this service is to speed up report generation in your company and automatize every process/task: from data gathering to data delivery.

Some of the things it allows:

Data Consulting Service

Data Consulting

Our Consulting aims to help your business become an intelligent organization that is boosted by information. Decision making will be data/fact based and integrate each and every operation.This allows an enhancement for all processes and results. 

Some of the things it allows:

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