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We know that having data and data sources is just the beginning. Our approach is focused on optimizing your data value and helping you seize Technology, Data Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence to boost your business. 

It’s not only about having information; it’s about converting it into actionable insights. We work in tandem with you to understand your data, implement innovative solutions, and develop Data Engineering/Artificial Intelligence strategies that maximize your potential, helping your company achieve concrete results and obtaining a solid competitive advantage in your sector. 

We have continuous knowledge and training. We are up to date on the latest technologies and tools.

We create solutions rapidly. We assign Project Managers who provide continuous and optimal monitoring and management.

We provide exceptional service. We are empathetic, decisive and efficient. It is our greatest commitment.

If your data is not being used to the fullest, you are surely missing out on valuable opportunities

At Tekne we take care of data management, analysis and visualization, so that you can focus on your client and their needs.

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Work Modality

We work at three levels, assigning specialized Data Teams according to your requirements.

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Multiple Teams

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Tekne is an interdisciplinary team, trained to deal with complex problematic situations and to analyze your business in great detail: it’s structure, processes and operations.

Our methodology allows us to establish communication as a priority and adapt your requirements to an efficient workflow by implementing data solutions that will impact your company on 5 levels:

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Business Partnership

Cámara Insurtech Argentina

Its mission is to work together with companies to improve their relationship and think about the future development of the Insurance Industry. From our experience with the Insurtech Industry, we partner with the Chamber to generate networks of opportunities and growth.

Learn about Cámara Insurtech Argentina

Cámara Insurtech Argentina


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