Tekne’s company DNA is formed by an interdisciplinary team of professionals in different fields such as systems engineering, computing, industrial engineering, economy, statistics, design, among other professions. We share creative, curious and innovative profiles as well as strong ethic values and a high level of social commitment.

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Tekne's mission

Guiding towards digital transformation and the incorporation of innovative technologies with focus on data management

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Tekne's vision

We want to work in tandem with companies as they empower their processes and help them generate real value from their data



working and growing



USA, UK, Argentina, Perú and Bolivia



boosted their data



and achieved goals

Co - Founders

Axel y Rigoberto, CTO y CEO de Tekne, respectivamente

Systems Engineer

CTO & CoFounder

Mg. Systems Engineer

CEO & CoFounder

Our Team

Liz Malca La Rosa, Administrative Assistant

Liz Malca


Carolina Herrera

Data Team

Agustín Neira, Tekne Data Team

Agustín Neira

Data Team

Ignacio García

Data Team

Marcos Fadic

Data Team

Joaquín Padrón, Data Team

Joaquín Padrón

Data Team

Ezequiel De Simone

Data Team

Juan Gabriel Pappalardo

Data Team

Mauricio Giliberto

Data Team

Manuel Maraude, Business Dev Manager

Manuel Maraude

Business Dev Manager

(si)Sebastián Aguero, Tekne Design Team

Sebastián Aguero

Design Team

(si)Manuela Soto, Tekne Design Team

Manuela Soto

Design Team

Lucía Fanego, Tekne Design Team

Lucía Fanego

Community Management & Marketing

Interdisciplinary team

Innovative technologies

Agile processes

100% commited to our projects

Results oriented

Great responsiveness

Personalized follow-up

Constant improvement

Social commitment

Empowering your processes is our objective.