Data Academy Solution

Enhance the knowledge and data management skills of your organization

What is Data Academy?

Data Academy seeks to enhance the data management skills of work teams in the different areas of organizations. 

We train your team through 100% online classes on issues related to automation, visualization, Big Data, and Data Science/AI. We use a triple technical, soft and business domain approach. We offer you intensive training and pave the way for possible certifications. 

We have personalized courses, with custom schedules and content. In this way, the digital transformation of your business is promoted, and its processes and results are improved.

What does Data Academy allow?


Train your team on issues related to automation, visualization, engineering, and data science/AI


Be up to date with modern data manipulation tools


Promote a Data Driven culture within your organization


Reduce costs and times related to the execution of daily activities through staff training


Enhance your team’s professional and personal growth


Transform your team’s current skills according to market demands


Implementation Process


Survey of the requirements of your team


Planning of the course proposal – resources and time


Preparation of specialized material for the implementation


Theoretical and practical classes


Observation and monitoring throughout the course


Final review of the course and feedback

Data Academy Solution, an online and personalized course for your organization
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Our Data Academy allows you to train and enhance the Data Management skills of your work team in order to:

– Improve the processes and tasks of your company

– Incorporate new technological tools appropriate to the needs of your business

– Promote the Data Driven culture

– Reduce costs in certain areas or at a general level, promoting efficiency in the development of processes and tasks

– Provide valuable solutions to your clients

Companies that have enhanced their knowledge with our Data Academy Solution