7 Git Resources for Exploring Roadmaps in AI and Engineering and Data Science

In this note we bring you a selection of seven essential Git Resources that will help you explore and navigate the exciting paths of Data Engineering, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

These repositories full of courses, books, programs, content, codes and videos will allow you to expand your knowledge and follow the roadmap of these disciplines.

Let’s dive in and get to know them!


👨‍💻 Awesome Data Engineering

This repository is a gold mine for anyone interested in data engineering. With a careful selection of resources, here you will find tutorials, courses and books that will guide you through the essential concepts and techniques in that field. From data processing to pipeline architectures, this repository has everything you need.

Go to Awesome Data Engineering


👨‍💻 Data Engineering HowTo

Do you want to learn how to build robust data management systems? This repository provides you with step-by-step guides and practical examples to help you master fundamental skills in the world of data engineering. From databases to ETL, this resource has you covered.

Go to Data Engineering HowTo


👨‍💻 Awesome BigData

Big Data is an essential part of many technological solutions today. This repository brings together a wide range of Big Data resources, including distributed databases, frameworks, and tools. If you are looking to delve into this area, this is your starting point.

Go to Awesome BigData


👨‍💻 Awesome Public Datasets

Data Science thrives on quality data. Here you will find a collection of public data sets ready to be explored and analyzed. From social media data to government information, these data sets will give you the chance to put your analytical skills to the test.

Go to Awesome Public Datasets


👨‍💻 Data Science Roadmap

Feeling overwhelmed by the breadth of Data Science? This detailed roadmap gives you a step-by-step guide to delve into this exciting field. From basic skills to advanced topics like deep learning, this resource will keep you on the right track.

Go to Data Science Roadmap


👨‍💻 Artificial Intelligence Engineer Roadmap

Artificial Intelligence is a constantly evolving field. This roadmap will help you navigate through the many disciplines that make up AI, including machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of intelligent machines.

Go to Artificial Intelligence Engineer Roadmap


👨‍💻 Databricks Industry Solutions

If you are looking for specific Databricks solutions, this repository is your destination. Here you will find a series of industry solution repositories that will help you understand how to apply these technologies in real world contexts.

Go to Databricks Industry Solutions

These 7 Git resources are like treasure troves of knowledge that will guide you on your journey through Data Engineering, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to deepen your skills, these repositories will provide you with the resources you need to achieve your goals.

Feel free to explore and learn without limits!


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