Success Case by Tekne

Dashboards and Report automation

For the commercial development of a startup

Insurtech Industry

Problem definition

A US startup company in the Insurtech Industry dedicated to the sale of property flood insurance, manages the sales, payments and management of its insurance policies through INSTANDA.

However, the company’s management observed certain problems regarding the handling of its data.


This company wanted to achieve a better management of its data by:

Proposed solution



After working with us, the company has:

>> Dashboards that make it possible to know the situation of the company in relation to the sales of insurance policies, and the assembly of commercial strategies. 
These have indicators such as:

  • Bound policies
  • Cancelled Policies
  • Total Quotes made
  • Agencies/Users Actively Quoting
  • Total Insured Sums

>> Automated generation and monthly sending of external reports to insurance agencies, which allow them to evaluate their performance, draw conclusions from it and make the necessary decisions. 

>> A safe and efficient environment to provide data to Dashboards and applications quickly, optimizing infrastructure costs. 

>> Tools that enable the communication of internal company applications with products and services from other companies. 

>> An environment that allows scalability, that is, that can be adapted without losing quality in services with continuous growth in a fluid manner. 

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