Data Consulting Solution

Adapt yourself to the information needs your business requires

What is Data Consulting?

Data Consulting aims to help your business to become an intelligent organization that is boosted by information. In this way, decision making will be data/fact based and integrate each and every operation.This allows an enhancement for all processes and results. Data is transformed into a strategic asset.

Data Consulting involves the procedure that starts with identifying the needs that a company wants to solve with data analysis/studies. Available data is observed, as well as the relationships amongst data. External data sources are also identified and this can be useful for fulfilling requirements. In addition, by incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation and predictive capabilities, processes are sped up and the future is faced in a more strategic way.

What does Data Consulting allow?


Surveying processes, tasks and reports


Designing a technological roadmap that aligns your company’s strategy with its objectives and technology


Receiving advice as regards the selection of tools and technologies that are better equipped to deal with your organization’s needs and requirements


Enhancing decision making by accessing precise information


Generating key indicators for the business


Reducing costs and time involved in the creation and analysis of reports


Identifying market trends


Boosting a Data Driven culture inside the company


Enhancing clients’ segmentation and profiling

Implementation Process


Survey of data from your business


Technical survey


Definition of objectives


Task planning




Follow-up on tasks


Evaluation of objectives – Degree of compliance


Control and documentation

Data Consulting Implementation process
Illustration of an astronaut, with its helmet, floating towards the stars


Data Consulting will allow the understanding and processing of massive amounts of data, managing multiple data sources and generating relevant information that will help decision making or the advanced analytics of case studies.

This will lead to:
– Enhancing processes and tasks with the help of the re-engineeting and automation of processes
– Building an adequate architecture in order to fulfill your data and information requirements
– Including new adequate technological tools for your business’ needs
– Optimizing productivity, reducing costs and anticipating risks
– Discovering strengths and improvement opportunities in your company
– Anticipating potential opportunities and possible threats
– Maintaining your clients and obtaining new ones