Success Case by Tekne

Data Visualization

Applied to the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and Gas Industry

Problem Definition

A company, dedicated to the production and exploration of oil and gas, wants to achieve a better management of its data as some data-related problems have arisen:


This company wanted to achieve a better management of its data and for this it aspired to:

Proposed Solution



After working in tandem with us, the company has:

>> Dashboards that make it possible to understand the situation of the company in relation to their control and production activities, emphasizing the deviations/losses that have occurred and their causes. This makes the decision-making process much easier. The dashboards contain information related to:

  • Total production of oil, gas and liquids
  • Production of new oil, gas and liquid wells
  • Oil, gas and liquid losses
  • Oil and gas production variance

>> Advice and permanent collaboration

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