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Frequently asked questions

How can your solutions help my company?

We help companies to boost their development by adding innovative technologies focusing on data management.

In order to achieve this, our team will analyze the structure, processes and operations that integrate your business, implementing quality solutions so that you can anticipate events, increase your profitability, reduce costs and generate value from your data. 

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Do you provide consulting services?

Our Data Consulting service helps you identify the needs that your company can solve and generate value from your data.

We also help you to boost your company’s digital transformation.

What are the benefits of using your services?

Our solutions are oriented to boost and optimize your data management:

– Make information available to every member of your company.

– Automate the most important processes of your business.

– Implement Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in order to boost key processes of your business.

– Take data based decisions in a more intelligent and agile way.

– Help with team management no matter the size of your company.

– Boost your company’s development, reduce costs and maximize benefits.

How do I know if my company needs Data Services?

If your company generates a significant amount of data, works with different information systems and you want to transform your data into knowledge in order to help the decision making process of your company, then you need our solutions.

How long do I need to wait to see the results?

We have a work methodology in which we set deliverables by sprint, in an interactive way, until we reach the end of the project. In that way, you will be able to visualize the results in the shortest time possible.

What work methodology do you use?

We use agile methodologies in order to develop and implement projects. This allows us to adapt our way of work to the requirements of the project, achieving flexibility and quick responsiveness.

What tools or technologies do you use in your developments?

We are specialists in Big Data, Data Engineering and Machine Learning tools such as:

Apache Airflow, Apache Spark, Apache Nifi, Docker, Git, MLflow, PowerBI, Google Data Studio, Tableau, Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP, DBT, Snowflake, BigQuery, Amazon RedShift, Databricks, Python and R, among others…

Which are the steps that you need to follow in order to start a project with Tekne?

The steps you need to follow are:

1- Book your first meeting here where you can tell us about the issues on your business.

2- Taking into account your requirements, we will define the project and make a budget for you in a period no longer than 7 days. 

3- If it is necessary, we will book a second meeting in order to evaluate the budget, the project, specific objectives, terms, and make the necessary modifications.

4- If we have your approval, we will book an official kickoff meeting.

5- We will establish the work plan, its deliverables and the weekly meetings.

6- We will keep in touch with the work team in a collaborative environment and you will be able to follow-up the progress of your project with a Kanban dashboard.

7- The project will end up with a final meeting in which we will share with you the access credentials, documentation and a support/training plan.

Can I book your services if I am not located in Argentina?

Not only do we work with companies located in Argentina but we also work with important clients in LATAM, USA and Spain.

You can take a look at some of our clients here and also projects that we have developed in our success cases.

How do you get in touch with companies?

We set an initial meeting in order to know more about the requirements and problems that the client needs to solve. We also share our proposed solutions and the services we offer.

My company works with in-person methodologies, can you adapt to it?

We can plan a hybrid work methodology, with in-person meetings every fifteen days. In a lot of cases, it depends on the project’s nature.

My company is extremely new, can I use your solutions or do I need a bigger data history?

The size or age of your company is not a problem. We have developed projects for different start-ups in their initial stages related to data architecture, big data, best practices in data manipulation and data models.

If I share with you information about my company, will it keep its privacy?

Information privacy is a matter that we take seriously. This is why we will sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to maintain the security, privacy and trust between both parties.

In addition, every development will be implemented on secure platforms with valid certifications.

By which contract modality do you work?

Our primary contract modality is a mensual hourly fee.

Which are the main payment methods?

Our primary payment method is by wire transfer, after invoicing.

Based on Tekne's Data Academy, do you have any base study program or is it completely tailored?

In our Data Academy Solution we have courses with an already defined base study program on topics related to automation, visualization, Big Data, and Data Science / Artificial Intelligence. However, this study program can be modifies depending on the requirements of each work team. 

In this courses, do you provide downloadable material for the classes?

Yes. Depending on the modality of each class –theoretical or practical–, we provide different types of material that serve as a review or practice of the contents that were worked on.

We sure had answered your questions and if we didn’t, you can get in touch with us.