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Scraping Mining of Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain Industry


Investor clients need to have personalized reports about the monitoring of operations on the cryptocurrency platform. The data to generate these reports is found in “Hive OS”, “Hiveon Pool”, but the extraction and consumption of information become more ocmplex:


Extract the data from the “Hive OS” and “Hiveon Pool” platforms and make them available in a centralized databases, which serves as a supply for the preparation of personalized reportasthat allow visualizing the main indicators such as the income and status of the rigs used for crypto mining. 

Implementation Process

Implementation process of scraping mining cryptocurrencies

1 APIs survey

2 External data sources:

  • USDT/ETH Price

3 Python Script development:

  • Incremental ETL
  • Data upload to AWS

4 Automation and orchestration using Airflow: freq. 1 hour


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