The 10 best Data Science blogs

If you are interested in Data Science, want to study or simply want to know the latest news and stay up to date on the subject, here are some sites and blogs that you can follow to complement your learning.


1. Data Science Central

As its name suggests, it acts as a large resource center with content related to Big Data and Data Science. This site covers a wide range of topics related to technology, tools, analytics, code, data visualisation and job opportunities. In addition, some people contribute their expertise by providing their point of view on certain topics. This site maintains a daily update frequency and offers a “discussion” section or forum for the community.

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2. Towards Data Science

This blog is managed by a community of Data Science professionals. It offers high-quality content and it is intended for anyone that is interested or works in data science.

The purpose of ​​the site is to create and share content that allows users to express their point of view and discuss innovations within the sector, as well as offering the possibility of learning new concepts that can improve skills in Data Science and Machine Learning.

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3. Data Science 101

This blog was created for those who want to introduce themselves into the field of data science.

An expert on the subject, who has worked at Microsoft and Wells Fargo, among others, shares his experience and provides some advice or tips on how to be a successful Data Scientist. You will find some comments and discussions about the history of data science.

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4. SmartData Collective

It is a community site that focuses on Data Management and Business Intelligence (BI). Just as the Data Science Central site, you will find information provided by experts related to Data Science there, but unlike it, SmartData Collective goes a little further and analyses how data science can be implemented on a business

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5. What’s the Big Data?

“What’s the Big Data?” takes a different approach towards data science, focusing on the impact of the growth of Big Data and the digital giant it has become.

The founder of the blog is directly involved with Big Data and Data Science, since his professional career was based on data research and he currently provides specialised consultancies on the subject.

In his blog, he studies how Big Data interacts and affects our lives at all times, from technologies to business, government and politics. It is a huge source of news and discussions about Big Data.

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6. Inside Big Data

This site focuses on the Machine Learning of data science. It covers big data in IT and Business Intelligence (BI), Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Shared articles on the site offer an industry perspective, while Editor’s Choice news and articles highlight important happenings in the field. They are classified by topic of interest. It also has a section of jobs, events and reports of certain investigations. It is a very interesting resource for those who want to be updated on news related to Machine Learning.

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7. No Free Hunch

It’s a blog unlike any other, offering a perspective straight into the minds of Data Scientists, as well as a source for news and tutorials. It is a blog that belongs to Kaggle (a website).

In it, you’ll find projects and contests presented by different organisations, which offer an amount as a prize for the professionals who solve the presented problems in the best possible way.

Crowdsourcing ensures challenges are interesting and innovative. At the moment they have completed about 200 contests successfully, some of them with great repercussion. The blog features interviews with the winners outlining their approach to data science challenges.

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8. Datafloq

This blog focuses on the aspects that relate Big Data to BI, and on how to make data science work in organisations and businesses. It also provides information on trending topics such as blockchain and AI. It offers great resources, connecting professionals through job postings, events, and courses.

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9. Simply Statistics

It is a blog for those who are passionate about statistics.

It is managed by three Biostatistics’ professors who discuss how statistics are related to big data and its use by data scientists. It is thought for anyone who wants to start their career or is interested in learning about the role of data scientists and their functions in the industry.

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10. Dataconomy

It is a great resource for future Data Scientists. It offers news about Big Data and technological trends, as well as some interviews with experts on the subject. Unlike other sites, Dataconomy offers valuable resources to build your career in data science, including a free IT library and guides for beginners, as well as a job bank and a database of candidates.

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