Data Integration Built for the Cloud

What is Matillion?

Matillion is a cloud-native ETL platform.

Companies that fail to capture data and transform it into timely and valuable information will struggle to remain competitive and viable. Matillion helps agile businesses turn raw data into actionable, analytics-ready data in the cloud in minutes for new insights and better business decisions.

What does Matillion allow?

Matillion extracts your data, loads it into your cloud data warehouse (CDW), and then uses the power and flexibility of your CDW or Delta Lake to transform your data into meaningful business insights.

Load –

Connect to virtually any data source with an extensive list of pre-built connectors.

Create your own connectors in minutes or download ones created by community customers.

Transformation –

Build sophisticated data pipelines/workflows with an intuitive GUI with little to no code.

Gather analysis-ready data using simple and complex components.

Synchronization –

Prepare your data for consumption with leading BI/analytics tools.

Send data back to the business where users need it most by connecting with leading applications.

Matillion Products

Matillion Data Loader –

Upload virtually any data from any source to the cloud with ease.

Matillion ETL –

Comprehensive cloud data integration and transformation platform for modern data teams.


In need of new tools?

Tekne provides Data Consulting, where we can define and guide you through a technological roadmap that aligns your company’s strategy with its objectives and tool’s usage.