What is Snowflake?

Snowflake provides an enterprise solution that makes it easy to collect, process, and use Big Data: “It unifies, integrates, analyzes, and shares previously siled data in secure, governed, and compliant ways”.

Snowflake competes with platforms such as Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift o Azure Synapse Analytics (formerly Azure SQL Warehouse), and can operate of any of the major Cloud providers. 

Use advantages

Snowflake provides a ready-to-use analytical data warehouse delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS).

There is no virtual or physical hardware you need to take care of.

There is no need to install any software and the Snowflake team takes care of the system maintenance.

The solution is faster, easier to use and much more flexible than traditional data warehouses.

Uses a new SQL database engine with a unique architecture designed for the cloud.

Any software engineer with SQL experience can understand and work with Snowflake.

Can be used with any cloud provider.

From a single platform,
makes possible

Why to choose Snowflake?

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