Rigoberto Malca La Rosa


CO Founder of Tekne

Rigoberto Malca La Rosa, Tekne's CEO and Co Founder, working on a Kanban board
I'm Rigo, co-founder of Tekne. Systems Engineer from the National University of Trujillo, Data Specialist from the Austral University, also with studies in Philosophy and an MBA. 

Since I was little I was always interested in mathematics because of my father. He is a teacher of that subject and also enjoyed reading a lot. I got quite close to literature too, so those where my two passions. In order to enter de University, I decided on Systems and that is how I entered the computing world that fascinated me from the beginning for understanding everything that we could build with a technological language. 

When I graduated I worked in companies of different areas. In my beginnings it was the BI area, but later on I learned and specialized in Data Science. By that time I was already working at the Ministry of Education, where I met Axel García Gimenez, where we undertook data projects with a social and I was able to see first-hand all the potentialities that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning would bring us.

I am a believer that technology can help us build sustainable development, and that is why we created Tekne. Not only to guide organizations towards digital transformations but above all because we believe that very good things can be done that improve us as a society.

"Technology can help us build a better future"


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