Connecting Digital Marketing: Which tool to choose for the integration of digital media data?

One major challenge faced by companies in the digital marketing domain is having centralized dashboards where they can visualize comprehensive insights into their overall activities. Typically, dashboards are constructed using visualization tools, but this requires the ability to fetch and store data in a repository.



In this case, we will analyze the requirement to connect 7 data sources to BigQuery, and for that, we will evaluate three providers offering options to connect media data sources.



Our focus is on facilitating the connection and consolidation of data from various advertising and social media platforms.

Here are some of the platforms you can integrate into your dashboard:

📌 Tik Tok –
Ads and Organic data sources

📌 Meta –
Facebook Ads and Facebook Insights for Organic Data

📌 Instagram Insights –
Organic Data

📌 Twitter –
Ads and Organic Data sources

📌 LinkedIn –
Ads and Company Pages for Organic Data

📌 Google –

📌 Data Extraction and Visualization tools


To achieve successful integration and visualize all the data in a dashboard, we have evaluated three prominent providers:



Supermetrics, turn your marketing data into opportunity


Allows up to 7 data sources, daily updates, and supports up to 100 million rows per month.

Facilitates connection to all required platforms to create a comprehensive dashboard.

💵 Annual Price: USD 17,000, approximately USD 1,416 per month.



Dataddo, una plataforma de integración de dato para vendedores

Data Anywhere Plan:

Enables syncing every 5 minutes and implementation in Google BigQuery.

Supports up to 15 data sources, excluding TikTok for Ads campaigns.

💵 USD 300 per month (billed annually) or USD 389 per month (billed monthly).



Dataslayer, Digital Marketing reporting made easy

Standard Plan:

Includes all the necessary data sources for Ads and Organic, with unlimited users and reports.

Allows scheduled updates hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.

💵 USD 3,500 (billed annually) or USD 355 per month.



For a startup company with a limited budget, choosing the right provider and plan will depend on specific needs and financial capacity. Each option offers unique advantages that may be relevant based on the company’s requirements and size:

  • Supermetrics –
    While it is the most popular choice used by marketing professionals, the SUPER Plan of Supermetrics can be costly for a startup with limited resources.
    Though it offers a wide range of connectors and the ability to connect up to 7 data sources, its annual price of USD 17,000 might be out of reach for an emerging company with a restricted budget.
  • Dataddo –
    Dataddo’s “Data Anywhere” option provides a more affordable solution with syncing every 5 minutes and the ability to connect up to 15 data sources.
    If the company does not require Ads campaigns on TikTok, Dataddo can be a more accessible choice that still allows centralization and analysis of the digital marketing strategy.
  • Dataslayer –
    With its Standard Plan, Dataslayer includes all the necessary data sources for Ads and Organic, with updates scheduled as per user needs. Its monthly price of USD 355 can be a more attractive alternative for a startup seeking a comprehensive solution without incurring a cost as high as that of Supermetrics.


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