La realidad ampliada: una nueva forma de impulsar los negocios

Extended Reality: a new way of boosting your business

What is extended reality?

Extended Reality (XR) is a general term that groups Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) technologies. These are emerging technologies that use artificial digital immersion and overlays of digital objects in the real world with which users can interact.

Virtual Reality (VR) places the user in a completely different place than reality. The location can be computer generated or captured by video, and blocks the user’s view of the actual environment in order to isolate them. This experience is accessed through a virtual reality headset or HMD (Head-mounted display).

Augmented Reality (AR) overlays computer-generated content on top of the real world. Digital content can superficially interact with the environment in real time. In other words, the real environment is “enhanced” with digital objects. This experience is accessed through augmented reality glasses or through mobile applications.

Mixed Reality (MR) combines virtual reality with augmented reality. In other words, it is digital content that integrates and interacts with real-world objects in real time. It is experienced through headsets or mixed reality lenses.

Virtual Reality: Fully artificial environment / Full immersion in virtual environment. Augmented Reality: Virtual objects overlaid on real-world environment / The real world enhanced with digital objects. Mixed Reality: Virtual environment combined with real world / Interact with both the real world and the virtual environment.


In which industries is this technology used?

– Video game industry

It is the industry in which these technologies have become most popular. The video game industry has grown significantly in recent years and this is largely due to the implementation of virtual reality.

Immersive virtual reality represents scenes, images or objects generated by computer programs that provide a sensation of extreme realism which was not previously achieved with traditional technologies.

– Health industry

An example of the implementation of technologies in this industry is Accuvein, a vein visualisation tool that creates a real-time visual map of a patient’s veins on their skin. This makes procedures safer for patients and makes it easier for medical staff to locate veins for blood draws and other procedures.

– Aeronautical Industry

The Boeing company uses augmented reality glasses for the design process of its aircraft. In this way, it reduced the production time of harnesses for its aircraft by 25%. They also reduced error rates by 50%.

– Marketing

Augmented reality has become a new and important communication channel with customers. It uses the real physical environment to include it in the final user experience.

Nowadays, it is used to create experiential marketing campaigns on the street, providing immediate information about products around us; and also for improving the techniques and sales possibilities of the companies.

– Real estate industry

There are companies in the industry that allow potential clients to take tours of their properties through the use of virtual reality headsets. Also, home builders sometimes use augmented reality technology to show their clients what the constructed buildings would look like before starting the construction process.

Another use of augmented reality in the real estate industry is that of applications such as BBVA Valora View, which includes maps and is linked to a portal, so that users can focus the cell phone camera on a particular building and, in real time, information is provided on how many houses are sold or rented around you, their price and access to mortgage simulators.

– Retail industry

Something that has revolutionised the world of retail is the implementation of virtual showrooms: digitally created 360º spaces that look, feel and function like physical showrooms. Customers can take showroom tours and interact with 3D images of products while examining them from different angles.

Also, they offer the possibility to see specifications of the chosen products, make comparisons with other models and explore virtual demos. In many virtual showrooms, customers can interact with salespeople directly.

– Cosmetics industry

In this industry, which due to its characteristics requires a lot of face to face contact with its customers, the trend of virtual fitting rooms has been implemented for a few years, especially in matters of hair care, colour and makeup.

In those categories or retailers where brands implemented virtual fitting rooms, sales doubled. Through Instagram filters, companies make their news known, allowing the community to upload images and videos with the looks they propose.


The forecast distribution of the AR and MR market in 2022. Video games 34%, Healthcare 15%, Engineering 14%, Live events 12%, Video entertainment 9%, Real estate 7%, Retail 5% and Military 4%.


What are the benefits of implementing Extended Reality (XR) in your business?

1- Improving the customer experience

With augmented reality, people can view and interact with products to get an idea of ​​what it would be like to have them in real life. This can occur with products of all kinds such as cosmetics, automobiles, real estate, among others.

2- Improving communication and internal collaboration

Development teams can use augmented reality technology to collaborate on projects, even when they’re not in the same physical space. This interconnectivity improves communication between remote teams and promotes efficiency and quality control as work progresses.

3- Increasing productivity and facilitating data visualization

By implementing augmented reality technology, efficiency is increased, which consequently promotes productivity. This technology, being visual, provides a context to the numbers coming from the data and the drawing of conclusions for the decision-making process.

4- Facilitating training

One of the best use cases for augmented reality technology in business is as a training tool. This is especially helpful for people who work in potentially dangerous environments such as military training, oil and gas extraction, and more.


Did you know about extended reality?

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