Success Case by Tekne

Improvement in the management of projects and tasks

of a telecommunications company

Telecommunications industry

Problem definition

A company in the telecommunications industry dedicated to the provision of subscription television via satellite organizes its tasks and projects (from different areas of the company) through Microsoft Planner. 

However, mid-level management observed certain problems regarding the management of their tasks. 


This company wanted to achieve better data management regarding the status of their projects and tasks and for this they needed to:

Proposed solution



After working in tandem with us, the company now has:

>> Dashboards that allow management to know the situation of the company in relation to the progress status of its tasks and projects, and the evaluation of the performance of each area and team in order to make decisions or draw conclusions based on it.

>> Tools that enable the communication of internal company applications with products and services from other companies. 

(Microsoft Planner – Power Automate – Microsoft Power BI)

>> A global visualization of their projects and tasks that enables the managers and leaders of each area or department to draw conclusions to make decisions based on said information. 

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