Data Engineering

What is Data Engineering?

Data operations engineering is a set of applications aimed at creating interfaces and mechanisms for the flow and access to information.


Who does it?

Dedicated specialists (data engineers) are needed to maintain data so that it remains available and usable by others.


What is this done for?

Data engineers set up and operate the organisation’s data infrastructure and prepare it for further analysis by data analysts and scientists.


11 key tasks of Data Engineering

  1. Obtain the necessary data sets for the problem statement
  2. Develop, build and maintain architectures
  3. Align architecture with business requirements
  4. Develop dataset process
  5. Use programming languages ​​and tools to run the dataset
  6. Find the way to improve data confidence and efficiency
  7. Use Big Data Sets to Solve Business Problems
  8. Import machine learning and statistical methods
  9. Perform machine learning models as predictive and prescriptive
  10. Use the necessary data to prepare the tasks to be automated
  11. Deliver the results to the parties required in the analyses that are carried out


Why is it important?

Data engineering is important because it allows companies to optimize data towards usability.


This makes the following points possible:

  • Finding best practices to streamline the software development lifecycle
  • Reinforcing information security and protecting the company from cyber attacks
  • Increasing the understanding of business domain knowledge
  • Bringing data together in one place using data integration tools

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