(si)Formación profesional en Data

Where can you study to become a Data Professional (in Argentina)

The boom of professionals in the data field brings up some questions: where to study and which path to follow?

After reviewing the different data profiles that range from the most technological ones to the most business orientated (see image below), one needs to decide on an offer on the academic market.

Perfiles en Data

Below, you can read about the different offers available to study Data Science, Analytics, Data Science and AI, along with the places where you can study.


Undergraduate degrees – Data Science

Recommended for those young profiles who are interested in the world of data, programming and statistics.


Postgraduate degrees – Data Science

Recommended for those who already have an university degree and want to complement their profiles with an orientation towards data processing.


Specific data-related professions

Recommended for those looking for something more disjunctive and technical. Lots of programming and systems.


Short online courses

Recommended for those who seek to enter the data world quickly. It is suggested to combine them with work experience, and/or an academic degree.



They give a deep and intense dive in a short time. Recommended for those who want to reinvent themselves professionally or direct their career towards the data sector. Requires a considerable investment of time


Universidades, Institutos y academias donde formarse en Datos en Argentina

There are multiple choice, which one will you pick?

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